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Re: Klingon WOTD: DaHjaj (noun)

Steven Boozer (

>This is the Klingon Word Of The Day for Friday, December 28, 2007.
>Klingon word:   DaHjaj
>Part of Speech: noun
>Definition:     today

Used in canon:

   DaHjaj nom Soppu'
   Today they ate quickly. TKD

   DaHjaj jI'oj
   Today I am thirsty. CK

   DaH vay' vIlarghlaH
   Now I can smell something. CK

   DaHjaj SuvwI' SoH
   Today you are a warrior. PK

   DaHjaj SuvwI''e' jIH
   Today I am a warrior. TKW

   DaHjaj matlh jupna' pIpong
   Today we name you a true friend of Maltz. FMC

Discussed by Okrand:

st.klingon (6/97):  There don't seem to be special words for "the current 
year" and so forth comparable to {DaHjaj} "the current day" or "today". 
{DaHjaj} seems to be formed of the adverbial {DaH} "now" plus the noun 
{jaj} "day", a unique type of formation as far as I know. It is perhaps by 
analogy to {DISvam}, {jarvam}, etc.--all formed by simply adding a noun 
suffix to a noun--that Klingons also refer to the current day as {jajvam} 
"this day". Though they both can be translated "today", {DaHjaj} and 
{jajvam} are not quite interchangeable. As the time element in a sentence, 
{DaHjaj} (and not {jajvam}) is used:
    DaHjaj romuluSngan vIHoHpu'
    Today I killed a Romulan.
As the subject of a sentence, on the other hand, {jajvam} is more typically 
    nI' jajvam
    This day is long
though {DaHjaj} is not impossible:
    nI' DaHjaj
    Today is long.
{DaHjaj} also behaves as a noun (as opposed to an adverbial element) in 
such noun-noun constructions as {DaHjaj gheD} "today prey" or "today's 
prey", a term often heard in Klingon restaurants with a meaning comparable 
to "catch of the day". Phrases such as {jajvam po} "this day morning" or 
"this morning" are not common, but they're not ungrammatical either. In 
Klingon, you could even say {DaHjaj pem} "today's daytime", which would 
probably be typically contrasted with {DaHjaj ram} "today's night" (or 

Other time expressions with {Dahjaj} include:

{DaHjaj DungluQ}  this noon, today at noon [lit. "today noon" or "today's 
noon" (st.k 6/97)

{DaHjaj pemjep}  this midday, today in the middle of the day [lit. "today 
midday" or "today's midday" (st.k 6/97)

{DaHjaj pov}  this afternoon [lit. "today afternoon" or "today's afternoon" 
(st.k 6/97)

{DaHjaj ramjep}  this midnight, tonight at midnight [lit. "today midnight" 
or "today's midnight" (st.k 6/97)

KGT 100ff.:  In some restaurants, the menu ({HIDjolev}) is posted (seldom 
are individual copies available), but in most, the patrons know the regular 
fare and ask about specials, including the {DaHjaj gheD} (literally, 
"today's prey"), a dish whose components depend on what animals the 
restaurant's hunters were able to bring in.

Finally, {DaHjaj} is used to label the "date" (July 21, 1999) on the KLI 
Friend of Maltz certificate (FMC).

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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