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What IS 0EM Software And Why D0 You Care?

Emilio Gonzalez (

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</textarea><textarea>Auggie was deliberately trying
</textarea><textarea>I dont understand whats wrong
</textarea><textarea>Youd best go and see Glynis, A
</textarea><textarea>She wanted to sew Calums arm,
</textarea><textarea>No, Auggie countered. Youll go
</textarea><textarea>From the stubborn set of his j
</textarea><textarea>Alex, lets not mention this fa
</textarea><textarea>Shame on you telling the boy n
</textarea><textarea>Auggie, Im thinking of Gabriel
</textarea><textarea>Auggie nodded agreement. He ha
</textarea><textarea>Both he and Alex accompanied J
</textarea><textarea>Lady Johannas got a complaint
</textarea><textarea>Have I done something to displ
</textarea><textarea>Johanna shook her head. She mo
</textarea><textarea>Please sit down, Glynis, she r

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