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Re: Basic grammar question

Steven Boozer (

QeS wrote:
>ghItlhpu' Qang qu'wI', ja':
>> >"You give the book to me." <--> "You give me the book."
>>{paq qanob} jIjatlh jIH.
>> >"I'll pour a drink for you." <--> "I'll pour you a drink."
>>Since Klingon lacks a simple word for "drink", here there's no need for 
>>either {-vaD} or the prefix trick: {vay' DatlhutlhmeH vIqang} "I'll pour 
>>something for you to drink".  Naturally you can add either {SoHvaD} or 
>>the prefix trick in addition to that, but neither is really necessary.

Lacking a simple word for "drink", just name your poison:

   SoHvaD 'Iw HIq vIqang. <--> 'Iw HIq qaqang.
   I'll pour the bloodwine for you. <--> I'll pour you a bloodwine.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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