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Klingon at the Thanksgiving table

Noah ([email protected])

So this Thanksgiving, I spoke some Klingon to the relatives at the table. My father had gotten
everyone situated, my step-grandfather had said the prayer, and as everyone was about to dash into
the monging, I called out, "Everyone. I have prepared a brief bit which I'd like to share with you

12 heads swiveled to look at me, as my father joked, "Is it in Klingon?"

"Yes. But I'll read the English after each of the three lines."

This is what had been written in my own HolQeD:

I thank you all for being here today.
naDev DaHjaj SaHmoH Satlho'.
And you honor me with your presense.
'ej SuSaHghaH HutlhHu' tubatlhneS.
I love you all.
bandwI' SoHmey.

So how heavily have I dishonored myself in front of the family?


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