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Re: Inuktitut Hol

Eric Zay ([email protected]) [KLI Member] [Hol ghojwI']

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SepHomna' 'oH'a' Nunavut'e'?  yer neH 'oH 'e' vIHar.  choHta''a' Dotlhvam?

De'vID jonwI' <[email protected]> wrote:
Canada-Daq Inuktitut Hol jatlhlu'. Canada SepHom 'oH Nunavut'e'
'ej SepHomDaq wej Holmey lo' qum, Inuktitut 'oH wa''e'.
(English Hol, French Hol je bIH latlh'e'.)

Holvam vIghojtaH, qen 'e' vItagh. Dajqu' Holvam 'ej tlhIngan Hol

naDev Inuktitut jatlhwI', SarI'! jIHvaD pejang!

Holvam DaSovbe'chugh, yIghoj!


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