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Re: Klingon WOTD: *

Steven Boozer ([email protected])

QeS la':
>Composing your own canon database is quite possibly the most useful thing
>you can do for your Klingon. Typing out the words from TKD and KGT, with
>their definitions, along with canon examples from other sources, is an
>excellent way to remember those definitions:  you're not just passively
>reading them, but actively writing them out. (Plus, you get to make your
>own annotations from other sources, which is a huge bonus.  Many of the
>definitions in TKD are pretty vague.  {jev} "to storm", for instance.)

Good choice;  {jev} puzzled us for years since, until recently, all we had 
to go on was the bare definition "storm" in the TKD glossary (and the fact 
that it was one of the words originally created for ST3).  As an example of 
the notes and annotations I've added over the years, here's my own entry:

   {jev} - storm (v.) [At the Farpoint Convention (10/2000), MO told
     Krankor that {jev} "is a weather term" meaning "be rainy, windy,
     thundering" and is used similarly to {SIS} (q.v.) "A well-known
     Klingon myth tells of a man in the ancient city of Quin'lat who
     dies during a storm because he remained outside the walls of the
     city in order to show that he was not afraid of the storm and to
     make the storm respect him. Kahless, who was in the city at the
     time, remarked {qoH vuvbe' SuS} ("The wind does not respect a
     fool"), which has become a frequently repeated proverb." (KGT 122)
     "To breathe noisily, or 'wheeze', is {jev}. (This is also the verb
     'storm', though Maltz couldn't decide whether this was meaningful
     or just a coincidence.)" (HQ 12.4:8)] (for n. use {SuS'a'}; for
     "attack by open force, assault" [e.g. by stormtroopers] use {weH}
     "raid" & {HIv} "attack, assault")

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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