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Re: chenmoH/mojmoH (was Re: Klingon WOTD: cho' (verb))

Alan Anderson ([email protected]) [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

ja' lay'tel SIvten:
> In English (in fact, everything except Klingon), "be", "become",  
> "seem",
> etc., don't take objects, but rather predicate nominatives, linked  
> with the
> subject by the copula.

bo'Dagh'a' Dalo'law'.  I think you're picking a particular  
interpretation of grammar and declaring it "correct"; other  
interpretations are possible.  More to the point, what Klingon does  
*is* the important thing here.

> "Transitive and "copular" are mutually exclusive.  If it's one, it  
> can't also
> be the other.

That's not how *I* learned it, and it's not supported by a quick web  
search.  It seems that in American usage, at least, "copular" is a  
kind of transitivity.  The page at 
completehandbook.htm even uses the phrase "Transitive Copular  

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