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re: parHa'

At 17:15 02-09-26 +0000, you wrote:
>'ej ben 'ar bIboghpu'  ponglIj DaghItlhchoHlaHDI'?
>alright, I've been stairing at this word for days; I can't seem to 
>acuratley translate (DaghItlhchoHlaHDI').   Basically, I think you're 
>asking how long I've had the ability to change my name; is that what you 
>wanted to know?

Just to show it isn't a trick word that only DloraH can understand ....

"And how old were you when you first were able to write your name?"

-choH does not always translate as "change" it represents a state of 
change, of beginning or ending.  So DaghItlhchoHlaHDI' is literally "as 
soon as you began to be able to write it"

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