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Re: Dajatlhbogh

ghItlh sangqar

> But you haven't really answered my question.  If the difference between 
> headless relatives and QAO is that some get fanatical over QAO, what is the 
> difference between them that causes that fanaticism?  Or is 
> that just one of 
> the Mysteries of the List?

I would say it's mostly out of frustration.  The QAO battle is
one that's been going on for a long time; just when you think
it's quieted down, someone raises the issue again and the
whole thing starts over again.  QAO is such a ubiquitous
expression in English, too, that the Klingon equivalent (or
lack thereof) is a pretty major topic.

The headless relative, on the other hand, is fairly obscure,
not often used in English and seldom discussed on the list.
It just doesn't have the same history or passion behind it.

-- ter'eS

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