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Re: mu'qaD veS pab yIQIj

Am 20.09.2002 12:54:36, wrote

>At qep'a' of the past, mu'qaD veS was slow, pauses between sentences, delayed 
>laughter, and only a few contributed while others listened to translators.  
>Over the years as skills improved and more people became skilled, insults would 
>flow faster, less pausing in between trying to figure them out.
>At a qepHom with beginners, it would certainly be slow.  Even tho you're in the 
>same room, it would be like playing mu'qaD veS using e-mail.  Endure the pain 
>of time, soon the participants' skills will improve.

Dajbej De'vetlh, 'a mu'qaD veS bIDel 'e' vItlhobbe'. pab vISov vIneH. chay' taghnISlu'? ngormeH 
nav lulo''a' jeSwI'pu'? 'oDwI' ponglu''a'? 'ej ghIq Qap 'Iv? ghorgh rIn mu'qaD veS?

Quvar         m     n
  ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH

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