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Re: lugh

jatlh Sanqar
> As I reread this, it sounds presumptuous, someone who has taken a single 
> course in German lecturing a native speaker, but as those concepts were 

no problem.

> explained in my course, and according to modern American English usage of 
> subjective and objective, the dichotomy you set up doesn't hold.  Even in 
> the examples Quvar gave, both the 'ist richtig' and the 'hat recht' versions
> are objectively true.
I was oversimplifying, I guess.

> Maybe we're both saying the same thing in a different way.
anyway, I agree that {lugh} seems to be appropriate for expressing
both meanings.

> qamaw 'e' vIHechbe'.  "German" Hol laH'e', SoH po' law', jIH po' puS net 
> Sovba'. chaq qayajchu'be'.

Marc Ruehlaender
aka HomDoq
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