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Re: worf

tulwI' asks:

>can you tell me what's worf's name in klingon?

It's {wo'rIv}:

   qaStaHvIS wa'maH puq poHmey, wo'rIv betleH ghaj qorDu'Daj
   Worf's bat'telh has been in his family for ten generations. S8

   qorDu'Daj tuq 'oS Ha'quj'e' tuQbogh wo'rIv
   The sash that Worf wears is a symbol of his family's house. S20

>in klingon there is no "f".

Cp. {verengan} Ferengi, {veqlargh} Fek'lhr, etc.

>(incidentally, his brother's name "qurn" is also strange due to it's "rn".)

AFAIK there's no official spelling yet.  In the interim, try *{qurIn}.

Remember that "Worf", "Kurn", etc. are only Federation spellings based on 
how the name sounds to the average Federation Standard speaker, with no 
relation to Federation linguist Marc Okrand's own phonetic 
transcription.  Sometimes the spellings of Klingon names will correspond in 
both systems (e.g. {mogh} Mogh), sometimes they won't (e.g. {tlha'a} Klaa, 
{qeylIS} Kahless).

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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