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Re: Dajatlhbogh

Am 16.09.2002 15:43:59, schrieb "David Trimboli" <>:

>language lab of the CDs.  Thus, some people do not accept it as "official."
>(Personally, I find this reasoning to be flawed, as Okrand was not in charge
>of which bits of language were to be used in the game.)
right. lugh Dajatlhbogh ;-)

>On the other hand, TKD wasn't talking about pronouns in relative clauses,
>and there has often been a question about whether you can actually use them
>in such clauses, especially as the head noun.
Maybe we'll find out one day....

>(1) The sound file should be included in any citation of "official" Klingon.
I agree. As you said before, Marc Okrand wouldn't give more effort in a phrase that is neing used than 
into a phrase that would not be used.

>(2) The grammaticality of headless relative clauses is in question, and
>should not be accepted or denied at this time.
Okay, let's wait until Maltz gives an example to that topic.

>(4) Don't elide words just to bend the language into something it's not.  At
>the very least, don't elide words to prove a point of grammar!
I don't. I was just curious to know if a klingon will understand it if I say it like that. I'm not 
proving anything.


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