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Re: Questions and Inflections

long time ago (09.July.2002 13:30:53) SuStel wrote:

>> -'a' is only a suffix.  You need a verb.
>> For this one I would suggest qar.
>> qar'a'?  "right?", "really?".
>> literally it is "Is it accurate?"

>While I agree with you completely, let's keep in mind something we hear in
>Star Trek V:
>'entepray' 'a'?
>Now, was this a verb suffix illegally attached to a noun?  Was it the
>Klingon equivalent of "huh?"  Just something to think about.

I've been thinking about this lately, without thinking about this mail. I was more thinking about what is 
"logic", and how to remember things we need to learn.
I also noticed that *'entepray''a'?*, so I started to think about other sentences. And yes, it's very 
easy to remember the use of the suffix, when you think like that:

{bIghung} "you're hungry"
{bIghung'a'} "you're hungry, huh?"
{'oy'} "it hurts"
{'oy''a'} "it hurts, hm?!"

Also, the stress should be on that syllable: [oy-A]

Now the ST5 example makes sense, even though it's wrong. Maybe it was "intentionally ungrammatical", 
clipped klingon, dropping a pronoun:

{'entepray' ('oH)'a'}
"(it's) Enterprise, huh?"


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