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Re: description

Gina wrote:

>Ok, i've decided as a starting point, reminder of what i've forgotten, to 
>start with writing a description of myself.  I am trying to get my age, i 
>remeber from somewhere that ben is years old cha'maH wa' is 21but I think 
>something else is needed. cha'maH wa' ben doesn't look right.

Good instincts.  You need to use the verb {bogh} "be born".  Okrand 
described how it's used on startrek.klingon:

   "I am 40 years old" would be expressed as: {loSmaH ben jIboghpu'}.
   This is "I was born 40 years ago." As is normal in Klingon sentences,
   the time element (in this case, {loSmaH ben} 40 years ago) comes

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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