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Re: wanI' tlhaQ wa'

Am 11.09.2002 16:59:05, schrieb

>> >For the newbies that might be watching, /jang/ is not a verb of speech, you 
>> >would still need to use /jatlh/.
>> >jang loD, jatlh <chaq...>
>> jang 'avwI': jI''oj je (?)
>He wrote that before he re-thought the verbs of speech.
Really? That makes it more complicated, when we have to remember what of canon is not correct.
Well, we could then understand it as

jang 'avwI'.
<<jI'oj je>>

Where does he explain the correct use of {jang}?

AFAIK the object of jang is the person talked to, right? That's how it's used on the list...


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