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>> > I just uploaded a new updated version of my site, i would like to 
>> > ask all of you, if you have a spare moment, to take a look at it 
>> > and tell me in what ways i could make it more klingon....
>> > 
>> >
>> tlhIngan Hol lo'be' QInvam, 
>> tlhIngan Hol lo'be' Daqvetlh,
>> tlhIngan Hol QIjbe' QInvam,
>> qatlh naDev DaghItlh?
>> DaqlIj'e'...
>> HollIj wa'DIch 'oH'a' DIvI' Hol'e'?
>> DIvI' Hol pab pabbe' lIHmeH Daq ghItlh. bIghItlhHa'.
>> (tlhIngan Hol Dalo'be'mo' naDev DIvI' Hol vIlo'Qo')
> my klingon is pretty rusty, could you give me a rough translation of
> what you wrote?

The term "pretty rusty" suggests that you do have some skill.
Show me what you CAN do; then I will gladly help you with the rest.
Let's get some rust remover in here.

Here's a couple quotes from TKW:

reH boch qutluch lo'lu'bogh.
The used kut'luch is always shiny. [p. 103]

'etlh QorghHa'lu'chugh ragh 'etlh nIvqu' 'ej jejHa'choH.
Even the best blade will rust and grow dull unless it is cared for. [p. 101]

DloraH, BG

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