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RE: HoD tlhaq Duy'choHmoH 'Iv

> HoD tlhaq Duy'choHmoH 'Iv
> leSpoH tIv HoD
> Dujvo' ghorDaq jolHa'lu'

jol is defined as "beam (aboard)", but because "aboard" is in ( ) I think
that MO put "aboard" in there just so people don't think of other beams;
beam of light, laser beam, shine, gleam, smile.  I don't think it's only in
the direction of going to the ship.
But we do have Qol "beam away".

> nIteb ghorDaq yIt
> HuDDaq toS
> pagh ghom
> lucholbe' Ha'DIbaH
> jot muD Dotlh
> SISbe'
> jevbe'
> peDbe'
> jaHHa'be' HoD

jaHHa'be'?  Does this mean he didn't get lost?

> pumbe'
> HuDvo' toSHa'
> HoD tlhaq Duy'choHmoH 'Iv

nuqDaq tlhaq?  tlhaq tuQ'a' HoD?  pa'DajDaq ratlh'a'?
leQ DIngmoHlu' 'e' poQ'a' tlhaq, pagh, rIHwI' ghaj tlhaq?
Hov'a' tlhaq 'oH'a' tlhaq, 'ej DaH qaSchoH'a' choS?

DloraH, BG

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