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RE: EK: ghomqa'ghach

> As Andrew Strader once pointed out, we don't know if a possessive suffix ,
> such as {-chaj} can precede the noun it refers to, i.e. {pab po'wI'pu').


> >Talking grammar:
> >{vuD} can mean both "(one) opinion" and "(many) opinions", so
> >it's pretty much the same as {vuDmey}.
> >Since you didn't use the prefix for "they-it" {lu-}, it must be
> >plural in your phrase. But I think you just forgot it :-)
> No, I didn't. Just thought someone would pounce on me saying  "I
> think you just forgot {-lu}", which is precisely what happened. :-)

or perhaps lu-?

DloraH, BG

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