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Re: jIchegh

>> Qorwagh rarlu' ghItlhlIj, qar'a'?
'ej jang DloraH:
>-lu' says unspecified subject, but here you have ghItlhlIj in the subject place.
>(This is why I went with a simple locative).
>"printer" would be ghItlhwI', so the above should be ghItlhwI'lIj.
[canon excerpt removed]
>With this formula we would write:
>Qorwagh ghItlhwI'lIj je rarlu', qar'a'?

OK. The thing I was thinking of was QorwaghDaq ghItlhwI'lIj rarlu', qar'a'?
I think this more emphasizes that the printer is connected to the Win box. Perhaps I am making too subtle a distinction.
<lu-wot-lu'> lulo'lu' 'e' ja'mo' Voragh vItlho'.

>> *samba-common*, *samba-client* je yISugh.
>Multiple objects, prefix tI-

damn prefixes

>> QorwaghvaD Qorwagh *linux* rurmoH ngoqvam.
>> [For clarity: this software makes linux look like Windoze to other
>> Windoze boxes. Is this correct word order 
>> for -moH on transitive verbs?]
>Uh-oh, don't go there!  
>We've had enough blood spilled over {transitive with -moH}.
>Other safe ways would be:
>Qorwagh rur Linux  'e' qaSmoH ngoqvam.
>ngopvammo'  Qorwagh rur Linux.

Nice. I prefer the first one. But it is a shame to have to pussyfoot around this issue.
>'ej, qeSlIjmo' qatlho'.
>tugh vInID.  chaq qayu'qa'.
[Sounds nicely Klingon-aggressive for feel free.]
>DloraH, BG
Zulu One, B

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