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RE: EK: ghomqa'ghach

:{Agnieszka, Zbig! tughov'a'?>> matlhe'egh 'ej latlh jupma' qan wIlegh!}

chup Quvar:

lab DloraH:
:Why have -'egh?
:It's not a stative verb that needs -'eghmoH.
:Even then, you don't have -moH.
:This usage makes /tlhe'/ transitive.
:I don't know any canon for /tlhe'/.
:Similar words are /DIng/"spin", and /jIr/"twirl, rotate".
:AFAIK /DIng hasn't been used either.
:/jIr/ has been used:
:betleH jIrmoH - "twirl a bat'leth"
:Intransitive.  Of course this can't be used as evidence for /tlhe'/;
:but I think /matlhe'/ is ok.

Daj De'vam. mumISmoHtaH 'op mu'mey: {Dub}, {tlhe'}, latlh je.


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