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Re: nuq 'oH KLBC'e'? (was: RE: EK: tayqeq wej)

>>is /neH/ the only verb that doesn't need /'e'/?
> TKD, section 6.2.5. Sentences as objects:
>Similarly, with verbs of saying ("say, tell, ask," etc.), {'e'} and
>{net} are not used. The two phrases simply follow one another,
>in either order.
>    {qaja'pu' HIqaghQo'}
>or {HIqaghQo' qaja'pu'} "I told you not to interrupt me."
>  >vIyaj vIneH.
>rut pab yajbe'lu'. chaq wa'SaD ben mu' {'e'} lo'lu'. Sovlu'be'.

thank you.
but i can't say "vIneH ...", so it's not the same as /ja'/ and its kin.


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