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Voragh wrote:
>Quvar wrote:

>>Am 30.10.2002 09:12:53, schrieb
>> >> You can turn the sentence into
>> >>    The baby screams *because* of her mother.
>> >> using the noun suffix#5 {-mo'} "because":
>> >>    SoSDajmo' jach ghu
>> >
>> >Because of her mother... did the mother hit the child or something?
>>That's possible... ;-)

>To my ear, {SoSDajmo' jach ghu} implies that the baby is screaming >because 
>of something the mother did.  E.g. she spanked the baby, she took away >the 
>baby's toy, she won't do what the baby wants.

>> >I would go with -vaD.  SoSDajvaD ...
>>Does the child scream for the benefit of the mother?

>In a sense.  (Certainly the child thinks so! <g>)  The baby is >screaming 
>to get her mother's attention or to summon her mother.

>>Somehow I don't like this suffix here. But maybe I got its meaning >wrong. 
>>Could someone please
>>contradict me?

>This seems fine to me.  In English we say "the baby is crying for her 
>mother", i.e. for the mother to come over to the baby.  In other words, 
>{SoSDaj neH ghu} "the baby wants her mother".

>I'm sure that those members with children have their own opinion.

Um...maybe I'm missing something, but in my newly arrived copy of TKD there 
is a Type 9 suffix -meH which means "for the purpose of" or "in order to" 
that seems to mesh with this topic.

What do we mean when we say an infant cries for its mother?  It cries to 
_obtain_ its mother's presence. looks like my first attempt at a Klingon sentence will be awfully 
complex, but here goes:

SoSDaj Suqmeh jach ghu.
The baby cries for/to get her mother.

Suq may not be the best verb for the purpose, but my vocabulary is 
understandably limited at the moment.  If this doesn't work, or is overly 
complex, explain why...

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