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Re: 'ISqu' (KLBC probably needed..)

QInDaj per tlhIqnu':

>KLBC probably needed

loQ mu'tlheghmeylIj lughnISmoH Quvar, BG.

>QepHom vISuch 'e' vISov wej. jItullu'.
>I don't know yet whether I'll visit qepHom. I hope so.

qepHomDaq bIjeSchugh DatIvbej. tlhIngan Hol DaghojmeH 'eb Dun DajonlaH.

>'ISqu', qepHom bISuch?
>'ISqu', will you visit qepHom?


>lup bIlo' nuq?
>What means of transport will you use?

muD Duj, "train" je.

>Olomouc Hopbe' Sosnowiec.
>Sosnowiec isn't far away from Olomouc.


>chaq, tay' laH maleng, pa' bIjaH vaj.
>Perhaps, we could travel together, in case you'll go there.

malenglaHchugh matay'taHvIS, jIbel.


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