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Re: KLBC - TKD 3.3.1, 3.3.3

Am 28.10.2002 17:02:33, schrieb "Gina Robertson" <>:

>The children screamed in the strong storm.
>jev'a' jach puqpu'
{jev} is a verb, like all other verbs describing weather. {SuS'a'} "strong wind" might work.
Now, you say "in the storm", so it's a location. Then you need the type 5 locative suffix {-Daq}. You can read about that one in TKD 3.3.5.

  SuS'a'Daq jach puqpu'
  In the strong wind, children scream.
(perhaps some people can argue if one can stand "in" the wind.)

>The huge fire scared them.
>ghIj qul'a'

>The girl complained of a small ache.
>'oy'Hom bep be'Hom
I'm not sure about what you want to say, but there is something missing here.
You can say this in two ways, with {'oy'} as a verb, and as a noun.
There is a suffix meaning "because of, due to" {-mo'}. When it is a verb suffix, it's type 9. As a noun suffix, it's type 5. (please note: this 
is an exception, not all verb suffixes can be used on nouns. But I guess you've seen that already ;-)

   'oy'Hommo' bep be'Hom
"because of the small ache the girl complains"

or (as a verb):

   'oy'mo' bep be'Hom
"because she aches the girl complains"

But remember:
   loQ 'oy'DI' bepbe' SuvwI'
   A warrior does not complain about physical discomfort. (TKW)

>The so-called quarrel developed into a major fight.
>Suv'a' Hach  Solqoq ???
>I dont think this is right.
No, because you didn't get the correct meanings.
- Suv is a verb, "to fight", not "a fight". There's a word for "battle": {may'}
- Hach is "be developed", used like an adjective

But the {Solqoq} is correct! So your grammar is correct - again - you only need to practice the vocabulary a little. But I'm sure you will also 
manage that. You learn well.

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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