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Re: Learning Project (hopefully)

From: "Se'noj" <>
> bIlugh jupwI'.
> I've learnt alot about how InglanD Hol is structured by getting out of my
> InglanD Hol speaking head and looking at it from another point of view.

maj!  tlhIngan Hol HaDlu'taHDI', 'ej Hol tej ghaHbe'chugh HaDwI', reH ngoD
luyajlu'bogh luDublu'.  yIghojtaHqu'!

DIvI'Daq motlhmo' "English," HolvaD DIvI' Hol ponglu'.  'ej bIjatlhtaHvIS
"England", tlhIngan Hol pong rur pongvetlh DaneHchugh, bIjatlhnIS *'Inglan
*'InglanID 'e' vIchup.  <'> poQlu'ba'.  not wab wa'DIch 'oH "vowel"'e'.
yIqIm: jIchup neH.  pong DamaSbogh yIlo'.

toH.  Qatlhlaw' Dung mu'tlheghmey!

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