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Re: Translation

I am Quvar, the current Beginners' Grammarian, which means the people who did it before me have 
decided you can trust me to evaluate your work. Include the letters "KLBC" in the subject line to mark 
postings you want the BG to look at.

Gina Robertson wrote:

> ok, i'm trying to translate I'm going into the hospital for surgury next week. 
> its object-verb-subject...
That's correct.

> i think the object is surgury,
No, the "hospital" is the object of the verb "go". ("going into the hospital...")

> the verb is going 

> and the subject is hospital...
No. The subject is the "do-er" of the action, in your case "I" (the person who is going to the 

> so far i have Haq wIjjaH "Hospital."
For *hospital*, we could use {ropyaH} n. "infirmary"

Let's start with the word you mentioned above, O-V-S:
   ropyaHDaq jIjaH
   "I go to the infirmary."
or, with {ghoS} "approach, go away from, proceed":
   ropyaH vIghoS
   "I proceed/go to the infirmary."
You can also use the word {'el} "enter":
   ropyaH vI'el.
   "I enter the infirmary."

Now if you want to add a time stamp like "next week", it comes at the beginning of the sentence:
"week" {Hogh}; "be next (in a sequence)" {veb}
   {Hogh veb ropyaHDaq jIjaH}
   "next week I go to the infirmary"

At the end, let's come to the surgery-part. Are you going there to DO surgery, or to BE surgeried?
   1.{jIHaqmeH} "in order to I perform surgery"
   2.{vIHaqlu'meH} "in order to me being performed surgery on" (= "someone does surgery on me")
I think you want the last one.

TKD 6.2.4 tells us: 
   "If an action is being done in order to accomplish something, or for the purpose of accomplishing 
something, the verb describing what is to be accomplished ends with the Type 9 suffix {-meH,} which 
may be translated <for, for the purpose of, in order to.> The purpose clause always precedes the noun 
or verb whose purpose it is describing."

So we get:
   {Hogh veb vIHaqlu'meH ropyaHDaq jIjaH}
   "Next week I go to the infirmary for surgery on me"

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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