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Tao Te Ching; Chp. 9


buy'chu'pa' 'un, Dateb 'e' yImev.
tugh jejHa'choH tlhoy jejqu'bogh [A] 'etlh.
naghboch law' ngaSbogh [B] vaS'e' QanlaH pagh.
mIpmo' patlhmo' je DaHemDI' [C] lot yIghuH.
Qu'lIj Data''DI', yItlheD [D].
'u' mIw [E] 'oH mIwvam'e'.


When filling a pot stop in time.
A blade honed too sharp will soon blunt.
A hall filled with gemstones cannot be protected.
When wealth and status make you proud, beware!
Withdraw when your work is done.
This is the way of heaven.

[A] {jejqu'bogh}: -qu' is redundant but the line seems to need an extra 

[B] {naghboch ngaSbogh}: "which has gemstones inside"; {ngaS} seems to work 
in this context.

[C] {DaHemDI'}: Perhaps {DaHemchugh} "If wealth... " would work better.

[D] I'm hesitating between {yImej}, {yItlheD} and {yIHeD}.

[E] {'u' mIw}: Perhaps {chal mIw} is better.


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