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RE: HolQeD volume 11, number 3

>Has the thought of putting the PDF versions of HolQed online for members
>being looked at, this would cut costs of mailing and printing

Well, I'm a Daqmey pat chamwI', and that wouldn't be too hard to do. You'd
just need to give each member a password etc. and have a log-in form with
member# and password, that'd stop non-members from getting at it without
paying for membership. (Don't know why I'm suggesting this, I'm not even a
member. jIQaw'egh)

P.S. Anyone know what the -mey suffix in Daqmey pat means? I got Daq -
Eavesdrop  'ej  pat - System, but can't find the suffix. I found this name
on Google nejwI' tlhIngan Hol.

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