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Re: HolQeD volume 11, number 3

>I havent recieved my issue of HolQeD. I renewed membership a few weeks ago
>did I get taken off the list somehow?

Domestic issues of HolQeD are shipped via Bulk Mail (which is how we've
managed to only raise membership costs once in 11 years). The postage
savings are pretty good, but the downside is that it can take a minimum of
5-10 business days for the issues to trickle their way across the country
and, officially, even longer.

In the past we've had extremely good response rates from the USPS, but in
this age of heightened security I'm not surprised to have heard from
several sources that the issues are taking a bit longer.

I was down in Maryland this past week, a mere two hour drive from KLI
Central, and met with one member who was asking me where his issue was!

Thus, any US members who haven't received their issues yet, please give it
a bit longer (and keep in mind that Monday is a government holiday, so
there'll be no mail). If you haven't received it by this time next week,
contact me directly and I'll take care of it.

taHjaj wo',


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