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Re: Announcement: Beginner's Grammarian

Holtej wrote:
>As DloraH stands down, another must step up.  Effective immediately, Quvar 
>will assume the duties of Beginner's Grammarian.  Let's give him our 
>congratulations and support, and wish him well in his new position.  I am 
>confident in his ability to guide and assist our chu'wI'pu', and look 
>forward to his contributions to the list in his new role.

Thank you very much for introducing me!

   I guess most of you know me already from the qep'a' chorghDIch I organized last year, so I'll 
just give a brief summary about myself.
   My Terran name is Lieven, and I'm born in Belgium, so my native language is dutch. I've been 
living in Germany most of my life, where I'm a student of architecture.
   I've always been a big Star Trek fan, but I also like languages a lot. I started learning 
Klingon about seven years ago, and sometimes I even enjoy running around disguised as a klingon 

  I thank you all for the confidence in my klingon abilities. It's an honor to me. I'm not only 
one Beginner's Grammarian, I'm all the Beginners' Grammarian, and I will do the best of my 
abilities to help the Klingon Language Beginners improve their skills, just like the former BGs 
helped me to improve mine over the years.
  Now I just need to say this:
You can add the letters "KLBC" to your subject line whenever you want me to check your work, or 
if you have a question about how to say something in Klingon. 

>TKW p.199:
>{ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH.}
>Care about your students.
Isn't that the line I've been using in my signature lately? :-)

Beginning Grammarian
 ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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