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Announcement: Beginner's Grammarian

The position of Beginner's Grammarian can be challenging and time consuming. 
  It requires tireless dedication, often without gratitude or recognition.  
And for what?  To contribute to the development of new Klingon speakers, to 
give a hand up to those who are beginning the journey that we've already 

So, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank DloraH for his devotion to 
this post during the past year.  His presence has been dependable; his 
feedback, both expert and accessible; his manner, professional.  He deserves 
our gratitude, recognition and respect.  Today, DloraH steps down from his 
post, having fulfilled his commitment to the task and the community of 
Klingon speakers.

Thank you, DloraH!

(I do hope, though, DloraH, that as you enjoy your newfound free-time, you 
continue to contribute to the list as a participant, an honored 'utlh.)

As DloraH stands down, another must step up.  Effective immediately, Quvar 
will assume the duties of Beginner's Grammarian.  Let's give him our 
congratulations and support, and wish him well in his new position.  I am 
confident in his ability to guide and assist our chu'wI'pu', and look 
forward to his contributions to the list in his new role.

Congratulations, Quvar!

TKW p.199:
{ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH.}
Care about your students.

-- Holtej 'utlh, List Admin

d'Armond Speers, Ph.D.

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