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Duv, HeD, ghoS

mu'mey <Duv> <HeD> <ghoS> joq lo'taHvIS chuq qar
ngu'laH'a' jatlhwI'? yIqel:

[Is it possible to specify the exact distance
when using the words <Duv> <HeD> and/or <ghoS>?

     DuvtaHvIS wa' 'uj lughoS 'e' lungIlbe'.
     HeDtaHvIS wa' qelI'qam lughoS 'e' lumaS.

    They dare not advance an inch but would rather
    retreat a mile.

BTW: 'uj 'oSbe' mu' "inch" 'ej qelI'qam 'oSbe' mu' "mile" 'e' vISovbej.


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