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Re: Do'meHghach

> SoS chIm 'oH puq SoS lIw'e' net ghItlh.

ja' Voragh:
>It comes from TNG "Parallels", where Worf asked Deanna Troy to be
>Alexander's *So'chIm* in the event that anything happened to him.  (To be
>asked to become one is supposedly a great honor, like nearly every Klingon
>personal request! <g>)  Obviously this is a sort of surrogate
>Although it was spelled *So'chIm* in the captions, most have assumed the
>writers meant *{SoS chIm} - though why they wanted to call her an
>"empty/deserted/uninhabited mother" is beyond me.

Who is this "most" of which you speak?  I never assumed the writers meant
anything intelligible, but I figured {SoSHey} would be a close match.

The script's pronunciation guide says "Soh-chIm" is to be pronounced as
"saw-CHEEM", and it's spelled "SohchIm" without the dash in Worf's line.
He says the nearest equivalent is "step-sister".  I doubt they intended
{SoS} as part of it, and I'm certain the {chIm} is the same sort of {chIm}
and {cha} we find in many of the scripts' supposed Klingon words.  This is,
after all, the same episode which gives us this song:

  Sung to the tune of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow":

    "Cha Worf Toh'gah-na lo Pre-tOk"
     chaw worf toe-Gaw-nah low pree-TALK
    "Tu Mak Dagh Cha doh Borak" *
     too mock daw chaw dough bore-AWK

  * "Dagh" is articulated with a very coarse, strong rasp --
     just like the ch sound in the name of the German composer
     Bach or in the Yiddish toast l'chaim.

[From the shooting script for "Parallels"]

-- ghunchu'wI'

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