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Re: KLBC-hi!

Greetings, Steven, and welcome to the list!

My name is Quvar, and I am the current Beginners' Grammarian. My job here is to help out newcomers and beginners in 
learning Klingon, which means the people who did it before me have decided you can trust me to evaluate your work. 
Include the letters "KLBC" in the subject line of a message, it marks it as a beginner level topic. This may be a question 
for me, or just conversation with other beginners in general. KLBC is not limited onto to participation by beginners, 
though! Anyone may contribute. The rule here is that the first person allowed to
discuss the grammar of a KLBC post is the BG (me). Once I've gotten through with it, if there are any corrections or 
additions you think of, go ahead and post.  This keeps the beginner's confusion down to a minimum.

Am 29.11.2002 02:17:37, schrieb Steven Attfield <>:
>I don't know very much klingon so far so bear with me I think I may be 
>getting the dictionary for christmas but that won't be for a while so 
>right now I can't say too much.

Meanwhile, you could search the internet, there are plenty of interesting sources, especially the KLI's website:

A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found at:

Also, another good resource for learning Klingon is the free postal course
that the Klingon Language Institute provides. You can find more information
about it at:

Now, let's get to your first try:
> volteg'oH pongelj'e'
If possible, you should also include what you were trying to say, in English. This will make it easier for me to make sure 
that you say what you are trying to say.
In this case, I can still guess, that you like to say "my name is voltegh", right?
I don't know how much klingon you know, so hold me if it's too much information at once ;-)

Since you don't have TKD, where did you get this sentence from?
The word order is correct, this is the so-called "To-be-construction". It's called like that, because there is no klingon 
word for "to be". This sentence literally means "voltegh it my name". (enough of that, I don't want to confuse you)
The klingon language has many suffixes, also possessive suffixes (my, your, ...)
The suffix for "my" is {-wIj}, "your" is {-lIj} (only used for things, not for beings capable of speech, but that's another 
So, "my name" is {pongwIj}, "your name" is {ponglIj}.
Then, the whole sentence is:
  {*voltegh* 'oH pongwIj'e'}
  "My name is voltegh"

Good!   }}:-)
Maybe you could try something else...!

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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