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RE: Hol pIq (was RE: QeD De'wI' ngermey)

> Since in some of the episodes of STNG Worf refered to his
> meditations could you not use the word for meditation (If there
> is one) since it is simualr to the act of prayer. Deghnegh.

The word "meditate" it's listed in our resources; but the concept of prayer
can be expessed in klingon.

What is prayer.  To some people/religions it is deep meditation.  [buS -
concentrate on, focus on, think only about (v)]; so perhaps /buSqu'neS/.  To
others it is following specific steps rooted in custom/tradition.  For some
it may be paising and honoring their god.  [naD - praise, commend, approve
(v)] and [quvmoH - honor (v)] might work.  And again include the -neS
suffix.  For some people, praying is simply talking to their god just as
they would talk to a human.  For this, a simple /jatlh/ would work.  And the
one that started this subthread, [mI' - dance (v)], there are some people
that do dance.  But Nick already explained that it wasn't supposed to be a
direct translation.

So how to translate "pray" depends on what it means to the individual doing

DloraH, 'utlh

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