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Re: Hol pIq (was RE: QeD De'wI' ngermey)

On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Alan Anderson wrote:
> >I'd be more interested in having a word for "pray" or "worship", since the
> >best the Hamlet team came up with was "do aerobics".  :P
> You want *a* word for "pray" or "worship"?  You're presuming a great deal
> about what the words mean.  Either that, or you've lost track of the fact
> that Klingon is a language, not a code.

No, not necessarily *a* word.  I'm just kinda surprised that for all the
work that went into Hamlet, the best they could come up with for "pray"
was "dance".  :)  Although, perhaps they decided the meter was more
important than the translation...

> >The mathematical words
> >are interesting, and better yet, a logical extension of the existing body
> >of words.  The other words look more like they were generated by a random
> >consonant-vowel-consonant generator...
> They do seem rather natural, don't they?  It's a remarkable facade, behind
> which lie puns, both clever and insidious, strewn across the vocabulary
> like land mines.

Okay, okay, so I'm not really as disenchanted as I might've let on before.
I do have to admit, finding neato-keen ways to express things that are not
directly in the language is cool -- but then, I'm a software engineer, and
like solving problems.  Apparently I like solving problems that don't
exist, too.  ;)


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