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Re: Klingon WOTD: wagh (v)

From: "...Paul" <>
> Of course, I'm certain people have already pointed this out.  What I'm not
> sure of is if there was ever a concensus reached that a construction like
> "lo'laHchoH" is actually acceptable; personally I'd be inclined to
> reconfigure it to "lo'choHlaH" just to be safe, but occasionally it would
> be useful to say things like "chenmoHmoH" ("cause to create") which would
> not otherwise be at all legal...

I don't have the HolQeD reference handy, but Marc Okrand has stated that
/lo'laH/ "be valuable" is an exceptional word, in that it is not just /lo'/
+ /-laH/ but is, in fact, a distinct word without suffixes.  You CAN say
/lo'laHchoH/ "begin to be valuable."  You can also say /lo'choHlaH/, but
that means "begin to be able to use" or "able to begin to use."

Stardate 2887.5

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