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Re: KLBC: Complex Sentences

ghItlh Robyn:

>I don't see any problems with the type-9s, but you need to address >your 
>overuse of the perfective.  Do you know what it means?  It does >not mean 
>that the action is in the past at the time you say the >sentence, it means 
>that the action is completed at the time the >sentence is set.  It's kind 
>of like the inverse of -pa'.

qatlho'.  vIyajchu'be'.  taghwI' jIH 'e' yIqaw.  mu'tlhegh chen vIyaj, 'ach 
mu'mey law' vInejnIS.  Hoch vIyajbe'.  QIt jIpo'choHlI'.  yItuv.

(I took a chance using "chen" as a noun, "form" may not work that way 
but I was at a loss.)


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