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RE: QeD De'wI' ngermey

> At first I thought Okrand feared us.  We are, after all, the monster he
> created.  But each year he has relaxed a little.  I knew he was okay with
> us the year at Vegas when I met him at the hotel checkout desk
> and he said
> "see you next year."  Up until then his qep'a' participation had
> been a bit
> of a maybe.  He is still very cautious not to say anything that will be
> seized and used out of context as a "Marc said ..."

Sometimes I wonder how he would be if at something like the yotna' we had
earlier this year, we all promised that for that weekend not to analyze what
he says and let him babble along as part of the crowd, ignoring simple
mistakes, or misremembering a proper definition, etc; with no canonical


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