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Re: Hol pIq (was RE: QeD De'wI' ngermey)

On Tue, 19 Nov 2002, David Trimboli wrote:
> >From: "...Paul" <>
> >Actually, I recognize several of the jokes (like the play on "karaoke")
> >And you have obviously never been to the SF Bay Area to know how desirable
> >Hutvagh is.
> I-95 is the main interstate highway running north to south on the East
> Coast.  I'm not just talking about utility, I'm talking about the word
> itself!  :)

Doh!  I was stuck on the whole play in "Qu'vatlh", and never noticed it
was actually "95".  ;)

(I grew up on the east coast, BTW ;)

> >However, this even more reinforces my belief that Okrand is merely
> >humoring us.
> I don't see any "merely humoring" about it.  He wrote a book, and now people
> pressure him to keep going.  Since that book, he's written two more books,
> revised the original one, collaborated on two audio tape projects, assisted
> with the CD language lab, coached actors in two additional movies, written
> numerous HolQeD articles, appeared at many /qep'a'mey/ (and some
> /qepHommey/) and conventions, and has always maintained an open and
> accepting attitude to everyone.  All this from one book.  He's put a lot of
> effort into something that he designed just for fun!  How is this "merely
> humoring us"?

He gets paid for books.  He gets paid for audio cassettes.  I would be
surprised if he didn't get paid for /qep'a'/ appearances.  He definitely
gets paid for sci-fi cons.  He gets paid for working on Star Trek scripts.
He got paid for the CD language lab.  That he offers up the semi-annual
influx of silly words would really imply he is "humoring us".  If he keeps
up the interest, it's a near-effortless source of additional income.

How come he never shows up on the mailing list that defends his godlike
infallibility?  :)


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