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RE: QeD De'wI' ngermey

> > /paghmo' tIn mIS/ is the name of the KLI's second Shakespearean
> > "Much Ado about Nothing."  I apologize for not marking it as a proper
> qay'be' -- what is the proper marking for proper nouns in tlhIngan Hol?
> I've seen the prefixed *, but what if it's a phrase, like this?

You can use the /.../ like he did in the english.

> > > What if tomorrow Okrand got hit by a bus?
> >
> > Why not deal with that when it happens?

A while back I asked the same question about what if something happened to
MO.  Others told me to stop being so morbid.  I wonder if any of these
people have life insurance.

> .. Indeed, I still feel that Okrand
> might believe we're all a bunch of loonies that he humors with the
> occasional new word.  I seriously doubt he's developing it actively.

I have wondered about this a few times.

> ... And from that viewpoint, the language has been pretty stagnant...

How many new words or grammar was added to english in the past year?
How about the year before?

Klingon has expanded over 100% from what was originally presented less than
2 decades ago.

But I agree there are a lot of everyday words still missing.


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