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Re: Third sentence from Qov's sentences

> >Gina wrote:
> > > > > This very clever so-called "beginner" makes me very happy.
> > > >I am made happy by this very clever so-called beginner.
> > > >muQuchmoH valqu' (beginner)qoq
> >Qov wrote:
> > > You missed translating the "very" on "very happy".
> > > For beginner, have a look at Klingon words meaning begin, start or be
> > >
> > >
> >I can't find begin or start, but i think new learner might be the same as
> >beginner.  I couldn't find very, which is why I skipped it, not sure what
> >use.
> >muQuchmoH valqu' chu' ghojqoq
> That puts a noun suffix (-qoq) on a verb (ghoj).  For beginner, how about
> taghwI' or chu'wI'?
> You've also mixed the word order around in this one.
GGRRR  okay.  I'll work on it when i get back from Tennessee.

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