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Re: pong chu' (KLBC)

Am 04.11.2002 10:49:24, schrieb Viktor Horak <>:

>I have decided to change my name because I can see that I am improving myself. 
>jIDub'egh 'e' vIleghlaHmo' pongwIj vIchoH vIwuqpu'. 
--> 'e' vIwuqpu'. What you decide is the (sentence as)object of the verb "decide"
Now the question remains, if you can "improve yourself". Have you become a better person?
{Dub} is used for abstract things, like a skill. Your language skill has probably improved. Try that 

>Now I call myself *QaroH* 
>DaH *QaroH* jIpong'egh
maj. pongvetlh vIparbe'.

>(my official surname *Horak* when read backwards). 
>(chapvo' laDlu'DI' DIvI' pongwIj cha'DIch *Horak*). 
-  When you write it like this, it's okay. But I'd suggest you translate "surname" as "house name" 
(that's what it is, actually): 
   {tuqwIj pong} "name of my house"

-  {chap} is "back of hand". It won't work here. We have {'em} n. "area behind", or even better 
{'o'} n. "aft" (the behind of a ship?)

-  Your english sentence is missing a verb, and this seems to work. But I believe that in klingon 
that doesn't work. You don't have to change much, just say "it is my ..."

>I continuously study Klingon language.
>tlhIngan Hol vIHaDtaH. 

>I make notes and think again about my corrected mistakes.
>QaghmeywIj lulughlu' vIqelqa' 'ej vIghItlh.
   {QaghmeywIj lulughlu' }
is "my mistakes are corrected". You want to say "my mistakes *which* are corrected", for that you 
need the relative-clause marker, which is described in TKD section 6.2.3.

>Beginners need to practice Klingon language 
>tlhIngan Hol luqeqnIS chu'wI'pu', 
Note that {chu'wI'} is "new one", {taghwI'} is "beginner". But both are correct for your use.

>so this discussion group is very useful!
>vaj lI' law' jabbI'ID ghomvam!
{lI'qu'} "very useful"
The {law'} is only used like this in comparatives, together with {puS}:

   {jabbI'ID ghomvam lI' law' Hoch lI' puS}
   "this message list is the best of all."

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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