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Re: KBLC RE: Frasier

What version of {pojwI'} are you using?  Mine doesn't report these errors, 
could have been something I already fixed.

(We should take this conversation off-list.)

pagh tlhIngan Hol wIlo'laH, 'ej naDev wIratlhlaH.  jISaHbe'.

d'Armond Speers, Ph.D.

>From: "SIqar" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: KBLC  RE: Frasier
>Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 19:29:59 +1000
>This is the translation of the tlhIngan Hol to Std Fed using PojwI'
>puqloDwI' le'qu',
>Hoch jaj choquvmoH.
>lenglIj lutebjaj lengwIjvaD bel rap,
>Sov Danobpu'bogh.
>N: puqloDwI': my son
>V: le'qu': he/she/it/they is/are really special, exceptional (1 errors
>N: Hoch: everyone, all, everything
>N: jaj: day
>V: choquvmoH: you cause me to be honored (1 errors 0.91)
>V: choquvmoH: you honor me (1 errors 0.91)
>N: lenglIj: your trip, voyage
>V: lutebjaj: may they fill him/her/it
>N: lengwIjvaD: for my trip, voyage
>V: bel: he/she/it/they is/are pleased
>N: bel: pleasure
>V: rap: he/she/it/they is/are same, to be the same as (1 errors 0.91)
>N: Sov: knowledge
>V: Sov: he/she/it/they know him/her/it/them
>V: Danobpu'bogh: which you give (completed) him/her/it/them
>This is my attempt at interpreting the above.
>My special son,
>all day you cause me to be honoured.
>may they fill your voyage with the same pleasure as my voyage,
>knowledge you have given me.
>I get all day rather than every day, I don't see how they get redeem me
>from honour
>and the last bit doesn't quite make sense, what am I doing wrong?
>(also I don't understand what the errors are indicating - 1 errors 0.91)

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