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Re: KLBC - Focusing on Verb problems

How come I always receive Gina's mails as an attachment?

she wrote:

> I have a question first though, what happens when 
> you have more than one verb in a sentence?  
> How you you handle that with the OVS?

OVS always stays in the same order OVS. When you have more than one verb, there is always a "main" verb 
and a "helping" verb which takes a suffix (perhaps someone else can explain this more exactly).
You should read section 6. "Syntax" of TKD, there is everything explained concerning more verbs.

But for know I cannot answer to your question more deeply, maybe you give an example so I can see what 
you mean. There are too many different cases to give a general answer.

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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