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KLBC: Some Sentences of Varying Difficulty

I wasn't really sure where to start...this is a pretty wide variety of 
sentences I came up with and translated.  Let me know if you see any 
problems, Quvar, or if you see important issues I've skipped over.

He runs.

I run.

chalDaq Hoch Sang puyjaq.
The nova obliterates everything in the sky.

HIgh romuluSnganpu'vetlh.
Those Romulans fight dirty.

DaHjaj QonoS ghItlhbe'pu'.
I did not write in a journal.

Don't you dare be vulgar!

qagh SoptaH'a' vulqanganvam?
This Vulcan eats gagh?

cha baHta' chunDabqoqvetlh!
That so-called meteor has fired torpedoes!

mawbe'bej ta'! [followed by a hard right cross]
The emperor certainly is not crazy!

verenganmey tu'lu' jay'!
There are &*$@^# Ferengi all over the place!
(I'm not sure I've got the translation of "Ferengi" spelled right--I've seen 
it, but it's not in TKD that I can find.)

pawpu' mu'ghomwIj tlhIngan Hol.
My Klingon Dictionary has arrived.

rojmeH jIghoSta'bogh peQubbe'.
Do not think that I have come to make peace.


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