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RE: KLBC: noH Qujmey

> > nuH Dalo'bogh yIngu'
> > PGP vIlo' ... 'ej jIQap.
> > 
> chu' wa' *PGP* 'ej ngo' wa' *PGP*. 
> One PGP is new {style} and one PGP is old {style}.  

For "style" you can try /Segh/.

(PGP ngo'qu' vIlo')

> yotlhDaq *Tippmann 98/Flatline* je chu' *PGP* vIqeng.
> On the field I carry the Tippmann 98/Flatline and the new {style} PGP.  

When connecting nouns, /je/ goes at the end of the string of nouns.
When connecting sentences, /'ej/ goes between the sentences.

> *Tippmann 98/Flatline* wa'DIch nuH.  *PGP* cha'DIch nuH. 
> The Tippmann 98/Flatline is the
> primary weapon.  The PGP is the backup (secondary) weapon.  

Both of these klingon sentences need verbs.  In this case we would use 
the "pronoun as 'to-be'".

Tippmann 'oH nuH'e' wa'DIch.

#-DIch goes after the noun it modifies.

(nuH wa'DIch 'oH [PGP]'e'.  nuH cha'DIch 'oH [PMI-1]'e'.)

> 'ach rut wa' nuH, vaj *PGP* vIlo'. 
> But sometimes I carry one weapon, then I use the PGP. 

"but sometimes one weapon, thus.."
What about "one weapon"?  ... vIqeng

DloraH, BG

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