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Re: qen DubchoHbej jabbI'ID ghomvam

Am 25.05.2002 19:14:56, schrieb "Agnieszka Solska" <>:

>qen DubchoHbej jabbI'ID ghomvam.
>tlhIngan Hol lulo'mo' labwI'pu' law' jIQuch.

qaStaHvIS jaj law'qu' naDev jIDach, 'ej DaH jIcheghta'.
tlhIngan Hol vIlaD 'e' vItIv. vIyajDI' vaj vItIvqu'!  :-)
[You're right, I haven't been here for a long time, But now I'm back, and I enjoy reading klingon mails - even 
more when I understand them :-)]

vagh ben tlhIngan Hol vIghojchoHDI', juHwIjDaq (Germany) pagh tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI' vISamlaH. 'ach DaHjaj 'op 
vISov. *Qetlop*maj wIlopDI' rut mujatlh tlhInganpu' <HIq HInob>, chaq jatlh <qa'vIn vIneH>. 'e' vItIvqu'! vagh 
ben jatlhlaH neH <Qapla'>.
[When I started to learn klingon five years ago, I knew nobody to speak to here in Germany. But now, I know 
some. When we celebrate our "Qetlop", it happens more and more that some comes to me and says (in klingon o 
course) "give me a beer", or "I want a coffee" I really love that, because five years ago they could hardly say 

chaq *Qetlop* vIQIjnIS. mu' {QI'lop} rur chaq bejlaH vay'. qarbej. PK-Daq mu'vetlh tu'lu, 'ach jatlhbe' Marc 
Okrand, jatlh Michael Dorn. Do'Ha', jatlhchu'be'. *Germany*Daq tlhIngan nongwI' law' vISov, majech'egh 'ej 
tlhIngan wIDa. qaStaHvIS wa' DIS cha'logh maghom. qepvamvaD *Qetlop* wIpong, {QI'lop} mu' ghItlhmeH pab 
wISovbe'mo'. DaH Sovlu' net Sov, 'ach qepmaj wIpongqa' 'e' wIneHbe'.
[Maybe I should explain the word *Qetlop*. You prbably see it looks like {QI'lop}, and that's right. This word 
appears on Power Klingon, but it is not spoken by MO, but by Michael Dorn. And he says it in a way you cannot 
be sure how it is spelled. I am a member of a German... THE German Klingon fan group, we disguise as klingons 
and do live role playing games. Twice a year we have a meeting, and we called it "Qetlop", because we didn't 
know how to spell it. Of course, now we know, but we didn't want to rename our meeting.]


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