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jIchegh - I'm back

Savan, tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'pu' ghojwI'pu' je.
Hoch Hol nongwI'pu' vIrI'.
  [I salute you, klingon speakers and learners]
  [I call all language-passionates]

qaStaHvIS jarmey law' QIntetlhDaq jIHbe'taH.
  [I haven't been on this mailinglist for many months]
DuSaQmo' chen wanI'vam.
  [This was because of school]
'ach tlhIngan Hol vIghoj 'e' vImevbe'! 
  [but I did not stop learning Klingon]
Hoch jaj Holtej jaj mu' vIlaD 'ej vIHaDchu'.
  [Every day, I read d'Armond's WOTD and studied it well]
'ej mu'ghomwIj vIgherchu'ta'mo' DaH mu'ghom'a' 'oHbej.
  [and since I worked hard on my dictionary, it became a big dictionary]

Do'Ha' DuSaQ vummo' tlhIngan Hol vIghojmeH poH vIHutlh.
  [unfortunately I have no time to learn klingon because of school]
'ach juHwIjDaq jIbuStaHvIS, rut tlhIngan HolvIlo'.
  [but when I think at home, I often think in klingon]
vaj loQ jIghoj 'ach reH jIghoj.
  [so I learn a little, but very often]
pebuS: QInvam vIqonmeH mu'ghomwIj vIlo'be'.
  [think about this: to write this mail, I did not use my dic]
'ej rInDI' vagh tup rIn QIn!
  [and and was finished after five minutes]
chaq jIbachHa', 'ach Qaghlu'DI' ghojlu'DI'.
  [maybe there are mistakes, but you learn from mistakes]

[sometimes the translations are not literally, 'cause I first wrote the klingon mail and then translated to 

taHjaj wo'!!
and Greetings from Lieven L. Litaer
(tugh *homepage*wIj vImugh 'e' vItul.)

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